Thursday, October 4, 2007

And this is it

What a whirlwind of information! I had a lot of fun with the generators, delicious, and online productivity tools. I wouldnt say i was surprised by anything, but still very glad to make these discoveries. And I see plenty of applications for this in my life & work.

If we would do something like this again, then yes I'd love to particpate but would prefer more opputunity for the staff / participants to interact. Commenting on each others blogs is so.........passive.

As far as a summary of how I feel - It's fun & we get rewarded for playing around. What more could you ask for? i only wish i had spread this out over 10 weeks instead of rushing through 4.

Teventy Two

Project Gutenburg is an extremely noble, righteous and forward thinking project. I am so impressed with its progress. It looks like very forward thinking colleges are using it because the most popular books of lately are things that sound like heavy textbooks like the Manual of Surgery and History of Science. And i see that they have begun to digitze sheet music. this is so valuable to starting musicians as books of music are soooo expensive. So Bravo to the who create, contribute and propagate the Project Gutenberg. And i did view a boook. I was so surprised at how quickly the page loaded. i like that you have the option of format here, which they did ot offer the last time I used Overdrive.